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From Vows to Vogue: A Guide to Outfitting Your Wedding Party in Style

Hello there, lovebirds!

It is officially time to start navigating the world of wedding party attire and it might not be quite as clear as your Pinterest Board made it seem. As your self-proclaimed Wedding Whisperers, we are here to rescue you from decision fatigue.

Understanding your style and theme to uncover what makes your wedding unique and special to you will help you get started. So before diving into the wardrobe whirlpool let's talk about the essence of your wedding. Is it a grand black-tie soirée, a rustic-chic rendezvous with a stunning view, or a whimsical beach bonanza? Then begin factoring in other details such as: Is it indoor or outdoor, what season is it, what wedding trends do you connect with, budget... You get the picture. We recommend closing your eyes while asking yourself questions about the details of your day to really allow your imagination to take over.

Next step, Bridesmaids.

Keep in mind, while you may have a clear vision of what you want your wedding to look like, it is important to consider what it feels like. Not just for you but also for those you have invited to be in your party as well. Here are 3 tips to help narrow down your options.:
  1. Comfort is key!: It can be tough for nearly anyone to stay happy and present in the moment if they are covered in a scratchy fabric or visibly perspiring through their gorgeous gown. Consider opting for high-quality fabrics like chiffon, silk, or lace that will make your bridesmaids look and feel like royalty for the entire celebration.

  2. Accessories are the icing on the wedding cake!: Let your bridesmaids shine with statement jewelry, floral accents, or hair pieces that tie your wedding theme together like the perfect bow on a gift.

  3. Personalities and Preferences.: Just like a box of assorted chocolates, your bridesmaids come with all different personalities, styles, shapes, and tolerances... YES, it is your day and ultimately whatever you say GOES. Just don't forget that your wedding party is comprised of those you love the most. So embrace their individuality and choose dress styles and fabrics that make them feel like the queens they are. After all, happy bridesmaids mean happy dance floors!

Now for the Groomsmen.

You want the whole entourage to feel like the Masters Of Dapper. Here are 3 tips to consider to help your crew suit up and show off their style!:
  1. To suit or not to suit?: That is the question. Whether you opt for a stylish suit, a classic tuxedo, or opt out of suit jackets altogether, just make sure each layer fits like a dream.

  2. Consider subtle variations.: Whether it be different ties or pocket squares, let each groomsmen's personality shine! As long as you give them some parameters so the group has a cohesive look, you won't regret it.

  3. Accessories.: Classy cufflinks, snazzy tie clips, and pocket squares will take your groomsmen's style from good to glorious. Oh, and don't forget to shine those shoes like they're mirrors!

Time to plan for the Littles.

Let's not forget the little wonders that make weddings even more adorable! Keep these 2 tips in mind when choosing the ensembles for your mini party animals!:
  1. Comfort, Cute Comfort.: Little ones are like tiny balls of energy, so let's dress them in fabrics that won't cramp their style—or their moves. Opt for lightweight materials and designs that allow for maximum cuteness and freedom of movement. Because happy kids make for joyful wedding memories!

  2. Adorable Accents for The Aww Factor.: Brace yourselves for cuteness overload! Accessorize your flower girls with delightful floral crowns and adorn your ring bearers with bowties or suspenders that match your wedding colors. Get ready for guests to swoon and go weak at the knees!


For your wedding guests.

Demystify the dress code.:

Quite frankly, we have seen some confusing messaging on invites. Consider giving your guests some guidance without making them feel like they're deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. Include dress code suggestions on your invitations or website, and add a touch of humor to make it memorable. Think witty descriptions, creative examples, or really anything that adds clarity and minimizes confusion.

To pull it all together, dressing your wedding party is an art form that combines personal flair and a whole lot of love. Embrace your unique style, infuse it with our expert advice, and prepare for a wedding day that will have jaws dropping and hearts melting. Now go forth, dear couples, and create a wedding party that's as stylish as it is unforgettable.


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